Sunday, September 18, 2011

FIRST POST =) let's see how it goes here..

i really wanted to have a blog,and?? my facebook  account looks so weird coz i gladly post anything i want,pictures, rants?, quotes, foods, poems fashions etc.etc.. i know though people won't tell me..i'm becoming so annoying that every time they open their fb account..a picture of mine is at their home.(that's how active I am in updating my cyber-life) I created a tumblr account --> first i was so active blogging about my day to day life,posting pictures from my personal world..and i just end up re-blogging pictures from others..and it's like more re-blog than writing my own BLOG. after one year of using it, I felt that i'm really not belong to that "too much pictures" world..well it's their blog and they can post whatever they want.and i have my rights to do the same's just that i wanted to have a NEW cyber activity..where i;m hoping to find my comfortableness in blogging..i want to see how i react, how my days have been on this year or occasion, rocky smooth phase in life, my son's development, in school awards and more..i want everything to be remembered.

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