requirements I have with me (all original):
1.)Social security card
3.)permanent resident card
4.)marriage contract

took 1 hour in the line but it's kinda fast
step:1 they would just verify all of your documents and make their own copy,they will check your eyesight capacity.
step 2: go to cashier and pay for your written test fee worth $2.00
and additional $1.00 for verifying my permanent resident card's authenticity.
step 3: take your written test 
(it took me for just 2 minutes or so to answer all the questions,faster than the others)
step 4: checking of your paper (I am so excited to see the results,lower than 20 is unacceptable and YES! I ALL GOT PERFECT!)
it's just a simple test but for me,every test should be perfect.
after that, they gave me a pink paper for ROAD TEST INSTRUCTIONS.
step 5: go to cashier again and pay for $5.00 instruction permit 
step 6: wait to call your name for taking a picture
step 7: wait to call your name again and your card will be given to you.


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