Ice Scramble (iskrambol) a Pinoy famous street food

I grew up eating fishball,kikiam,kwek-kwek,banana cue,turon and halo-halo for meryenda,my mom who loves to cook would make us binuelos,ginataang halo-halo and a lot more. We love to eat! Since I moved away from the Philippines I have to cope with the homesickness from the food that though they sell it on some stores or filipino restaurants here, the taste wasn't just the same. 

And since like my mom,I love to cook and try new things, this time I decided to make one of the easiest but took me a long time to realize that why not try to make our favorite childhood street food.

And do you know which is homemade in this video too? 
YES! The background music! Haha tried mixing my own EDM music and realized that I should just stick to cooking, I know I need more practice so please bear with me,don't judge. 

-1 cup of evaporated milk
-1 cup of sugar
-1 tbsp of banana extract
-1/2 cup water
-red food coloring for the pink color
 (tried it purple after the first batch) 🤗

-carnation non-fat dry milk
-chocolate syrup

-rice crispies
-sprinkles etc.


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