I'm the one who's been so fond about tattoos ever since, I even told my fiance' that having a tattoo sleeve is so cool and adds masculinity to a man, his first tattoo is in his hands which is my name "ANE" is there a reason for me to get mad? since I love tattoos? and it's my name written on it? JUNE,18,2010 he called and told me he got a new tattoo, I feel so betrayed that he can put so many tattoos on himself and I can't. so I got SO MAD! we didn't talk..and that VERY DAY! I had my first tattoo =)

I have so many tattoo ideas but this is the smallest so to make my sin not so noticeable, I decided to put my "PISCES SIGN" first

the outline
 doesn't hurt anyway, I love the feeling, I've been waiting for that hurtful feeling but nothing came. or am I just so numb in pain cause when I was in 6th grade I'm the one who pierces my self and all in all? I have 11 piercings all over my body. only 9 left now.. my fiance' have me removed my tongue and belly piercing.

I asked my brother and cousin with their girlfriends to come with me.

my tattoo artist is : OMAN DALUZ of inkcentric recto, my fiance' already had a tattoo with them that's why i wanted them to make mine too. 
I soooo love it! he thought i was joking that as a revenge I got a tattoo also, but i posted some pictures, and I'm not surprise if he didn't even got mad, he has his fault in this situation, and he's the one who started this all he just told me that "IT'S CUTE" :P and I kept on asking him if his mad or what? and he's really not.

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