all of us are Dello's fan's, because of what he have shown in all of his rap battles, my fiance' told me that he message Dello and we are going to meet, my fiance's in Hawaii and he wanted to buy some shirts and stuffs to dello, dello messaged him back and even gave his own cellphone number and the meet up place, I called the number and a girl answered, I think it's his wife, she said that dello will meet us they'll just gonna fix the stuffs for us, she also said that dello just got home from a show in pampanga and he hasn't enough sleep yet. my son, cousin Jerome and younger brother Ronald went there w/o knowing that dello would really show up.
and after 20 mins of waiting or so, he showed up! alone! we are all starstruck!
                                           DELLO: cute naman ng babay may buntot.
                      ako lang ang hndi nya inakbayan,so gentleman =) (camera flash ruined my face >.<)

how i wish my fiance' could meet him too, he's the reason why we met dello in the first place.


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