my first movie making..didn't took it seriously,if then i would put some more pictures videos and i will say everything i really wanna tell him but i don't wanna make the video longer so that's ok for now, sorry for some wrong grammars and spellings i hope it won't show :p


  1. Hey Cherry! :)Been browsing about curling mousse reviews and saw this curlformers thingy. I just stumbled upon your page and read your review about it. And read,and then read again some of your blogs. hehe!I just finished reading your blogs of 2012 and your blogs about abotion stuff and all. And your wedding day and the day you and your husband reunite again etc.
    And just view your YOUTUBE page. Your son is absolutely cute and smart! :)I like you! No! it's not what you're thinking! lol! I'm a girl. Siguro nakarelate lang ako sa mga blogs mo. :)
    Specially your married life. As of me I'm still here in the Philippines and you know how that spouse petition takes forever. hay!Or maybe just because I'm just here stuck at home. Got nothin' to do but waaaaiiiit..(yeah! patience is a virtue) How long ba it take you to get there?
    Nasa US din yung husband ko. Actually, he'll be here this March for our 1st year anniversary. It's really hard to be away from him! hahay! Ayan napakwento pa ko. Hope maging maayos yung labas ni bunso and Godbless to you and your family! :)

  2. Oh by the way. Eto yung Youtube page ko kung gusto mo ko makita. :)

  3. ooh! just like me back then, I am stuck at home too hihi..well thank you for stopping by and taking time to view this.. the petition took 7 months,cause it's fiance' visa but for me I prefer you guys get marry or the Ir-1 visa, fiance' has so many paper works applications and interviews to go through before you become a resident..I'll post a timeline of the whole petition process after we get our resident card.. I'll check you out ;) thank you and God bless you too! =))

  4. and you're married already? that's good! =) you won't have to go through this fiance' process =) good luck to both of you guys!

    my son is cute and smart like me? - this is so flattering =)

  5. 7 months? What the?! Now I'm like whoa!Why did it take you so long,that's already fiance' visa! huhuhu. Yes we're already married,1 year this March!:)
    Yes he filed my application last October. We got married last March but then we lose the chance to file it the early as possible coz of our MC error. That typo! ugh! Thank God. It didn't take so long to get fixed.
    Awww and thank you! I'm gonna be following your post! :)
    Oh by the way my grandma is there in Hawaii. Hope y'all are doing fine!
    I saw your Ilocano dishes. Naimas! :)

  6. yup, they told us it would take 6-9months,but it's worth the wait =) aw,our petition process might be different >.< cause once you get there you won't be applying for anything unlike us, where in Hawaii? hihi wen naimas! thank you! =))

    1. Kailua Kona sis. ohh okay!yeah I guess it's different.
      My father is Ilocano. :)


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