MNL - HNL via PAL (OCT. 4, 2011)

at PAL with my family 

All of them are going to Chicago,Illinois next month.
while waiting to board

inside the plane (finally!)
plane taking off =)

unfortunately my son didn't saw the view, the REASON why i requested to seat  beside the window >.<

something to read like griffin's ,really is SOMETHING.

drei still sleeping 

LUNCH (i'm not sure if it's mechado or caldereta :p)
he just woke up, VERY HUNGRY hahaha
watching pirates of the carribbean
got really BORED..playing with his (baon) TOYS thomas and friends in front of his santo nino

*this is me and my son's first time flight experience, didn't have time to take picture on everything inside the plane , this was not just the food they also served us more goldilocks meryenda and breakfast, i love the food, the F.A's are very friendly that i ask someone to put water on my son's feeding bottle many times and didn't hear a thing from hear, many people are scared flying,well not for me.. this first time experience is full of enjoyment  though i'm very sad cause i'm leaving my very own beloved country (babalik dn naman kami noh! :P) and my family and relatives, there's a part in me that is VERY HAPPY to be in that newest place in my heart, we're my HUSBAND is, his family which is my family too, my son's future is surely will be brighter.our family is REUNITED AT LAST. 


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