let me start by saying that I've been always and will always be PRO-LIFE though i have been on point in my life that i considered abortion just to escape from the mistake (for me that time,coz it was unwanted) pregnancy with my boyfriend.

 3 YEARS AGO we're both too young and i really don't have any idea of having a baby, that sex would not get us that far, and he said that he would not get me pregnant,then i trusted him, we're just 19 years old, i'm 2nd year college student at that time, i thought about this abortion cause i was really afraid, i haven't finished my studies yet, we don't have anything to start to, people think of me as a role model for my younger cousins,neighbors,siblings and that HIGH EXPECTATION. i told my boyfriend that my parents would get mad at me, i don't wanna see them cry cause they will do everything to give us good education and life and this happened, he always assures me that he will never leave me (we're on long-distancerelationship/hawaii-manila),i believe him cause i know his loyalty will always be mine, i'm an active catholic and my heart is drowning in pain for having a baby out of wed-lock, but i know JESUS will be more sad if i will kill or even think about doing it for the blessing he gave me. from the very first place my boyfriend wanted to have a baby and i don't. and i have to face this challenge/blessings in our lives, now we are very happy having a baby boy who look like his father very much, and every time i look at my son, i tell to my self how sorry am i for having a thought (even once) of removing him inside me, he's GOD'S masterpiece, he's so smart! talented, handsome, my parents treats him now like their own son more than me, i remember my father told me, when i first told him i was pregnant "don't do anything to the baby!, take care of yourself! baka nga paglabas nyan mas mahal pa namin yan kaysa sayo e!" everyone loves him! AND THANK YOU LORD FOR GIVING HIM TO US! HE REALLY IS A BLESSING! and for having that kind of experience in my life, it is sooooo PRICELESS! thankful for having my family, boyfriend/husband now and this baby boy..THANK YOU LORD! 

2 YR. OLD =)


  1. We have the same experience.. Haha! Ang nasasabi ko nalang minsan, "Buti nalang, hindi namin ginawa..." :)

  2. "ano ang hndi nyo ginawa?" hihiih the abortion thing or the ??? =)


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