no make up day

OCTOBER 16,2011
went to lanakila health center to get our TB clearance card. 57 mins of long drive 
33.9 mi - HI-83 E away from kahuku.
got our clearance =))

before going home, we went to FAMOUS KAHUKU SHRIMP TRUCK
their menu:

he saw that flower, pick it, and said "MOMMY!" he's sweeter that his daddy :p

we had a fight?? or just a little argument earlier that day, i wanna wear what i feel to wear but he said that we're just going there and nothing else, so i didn't wear my make up just a plain white tshirt that i wear like everyday at home sleepers and shorts,  but still he managed to make me happy by bringing me to this kahuku shrimp truck, he knows what will make my "katarayan" go away, filling my stomach with a delicious food =)


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