1 hour 2 mins drive 37.0 mi from kahuku where we live. HI-83 E
Oct. 5, 2011 the day after we arrived Hawaii, he treat us out, we went to Ala moana shopping center, walk around. 

 and our main goal is to visit his late grandpa "tatay" 2005 (if i'm not mistaken)when i first met him, he's just quiet, someone told me that tatay think i'm snobbish (I'M JUST SHY...) every-time i see him i let him "BLESS" me, filipino SIGN OF RESPECT tradition. * MANO* . at least before he leave i heard him talk, and that's because he's drunk at that moment, he told me that ERIKO (HIS GRANDCHILD) my boyfriend that time, was asking him for money so he could buy phonecards and call me from the Philippines, he asked me if i love his grandchild, cause his grandchild loves me very much..and of course! I LOVE HIS GRANDCHILD my boyfriend and NOW MY HUSBAND.

he told to tatay that after the long wait we're finally here in hawaii, and to meet our baby Andrei which is his FIRST great-grandchild. eriko my husband got most of tatay's facial features. our son got their thick and angry-looking eyebrows and nose. we ask him for blessings in life, tell him about our upcoming wedding and to say to Jesus our wishes.

aside from prayers i believe that the souls who are departed are the ones who are closest to God, we can send them messages and wishes we want to tell to God. praying for the repose of the souls and remembering them will make their purification easier and even after or before they go to heaven, they will help your soul too in getting inside heaven's gate. - CHERRY ANE JONIGA soon to be MRS.DE LEON


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