19 WEEKS =))

those are not just GAS BUBBLES I'm sure I'ts him/her moving,can't wait for the moment when you're already strong enough to make your daddy feel you barely through my tummy =))

they say that the mommy can feel the movements of the 2nd baby earlier than the 1st one,though it's not that big I can feel him/her inside me.

my tummy isn't that BIG enough FOR ME,or the baby bump isn't showing that much,I JUST LOOK FAT,of course tha people around me would say that my tummy is getting bigger cause usually I don't have a big tummy, as I posted I'm at my 19 weeks now and will try to ask my doctor at the next appointment that i would like to have my ultrasound. I didn't told anyone yet about how far is my pregnancy right now,but my closest friend who knows how to calculate EDD through my LMP knows it. no one would understand me, if I'll tell to anyone about the date, I can't explain to everybody how it works.

this is the first time that I will post a picture of my tummy =) 

the side view pictures are different.


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