I almost post this letter to every blog that I have, multiply, friendster, Facebook ,tumblr and now here on blogger. he is so sweet when it comes to our baby,this is for our first child who is REYNAN ANDREI and he is now 3 year old KUYA ANDREI cause where having a 2nd baby now, I asked him to write our new baby a letter like this and he said he will when he find a time. I will keep this letter so that I could let my children keep in their minds that their father really loves them before they we're born. he wanted them so badly as I am.

f0r my 1st baby..uhhmm..? wla k0ng msabi baby girl ka gs2 k0 kmukhang kmukha ka ni m0mmy ane m0..lam m0 kung bkit..? ksi ang ganda nya,maputi,higit sa lhat matalin0..kci talin0 ni m0mmy m0 e,wla msabi daddy m0 dun..hahe...tingin k0 rin nmn smart ka e,kc lgi k nyang ksma sa school..nga pla,sorry kng wla ak0 sa tbi ny0 ngy0n ni m0mmy ane m0 ha..lam ny0 nmn db kng bkt..? bsta wag m0 xang phhirapan pgka bugnutin din kc m0mmy m0 minsan e..bsta pg lumabas kn jan sa tiyan ni m0mmy,ta2kasan ntin xa...j0ke lng..hahe..lagi ty0ng pa2syal 3,pnta ty0 kng san2,tp0ng happy family,un kc gs2 nmin ni m0mmy e..kht madalas k0 xang awayin..pr0 lam m0 baby,nung inaway k0 xa kagabi,tp0s nung humiga nk0,nk0nsensya tlga k0 as in..kung anu2 kc mga nsbi k0 sa knya e..pr0 sana di xa nniwla dun,,dala lng cgur0 ng pgka-miss k0 s knya...hayyy..bsta pg lmbas kn,PR0MISE k0 s iny0 di k0 n aawayin m0mmy m0..sna maniwla xa..bsta baby pkabait k hbang nsa tiyan k ha..hnggt sa pglaki m0 gs2 k0 mabait ka..un lng gs2 k0..0K?! pn0 baby,hnggang d2 nlng,pg0d n c daddy kkpind0t ng keypad e...cellphone kc 2..0uch n nga mga fingers k0 e..hahe..0k?! I L0VE Y0U ni m0mmy ane m0...see y0u this december or january...mwahhh!!!!

f0r my 1st baby...uhhmm..again..kung baby boy k nmn..ano b..? gs2 kc ni m0mmy m0 kmukha kta e..0k lng b sy0..? hahe..bsta un n un..anyways,pglabas m0 jan sa tiyan ni m0mmy,gs2 k0 di k gnun k badboy 2lad k0 bka mkunsume n kc c m0mmy pg my badboy the sec0nd e,bka highbloodin xa..pr0 0k lng,,un nmn gs2 nya e sa mga badb0yz...hahe...nuh pb..? nga pla mas naunahan p ktang gawan ng letter ksa ky m0mmy,xa tgal n ng ppgawa d k0 magawan..hahe...then,dmi k0ng plan0 sting 3..pa2syal k0 ky0ng disneyland,universal s2di0s,hgit sa lhat ppnthan ntin lolo m0 dun sa chicag0..0k b..? kng and2 n ky0 sa hawaii ah..kc nka ptix0n n m0mmy m0 e..pr0 xempre ku2nin k0 ky0 d pdeng hnd..were g0ing t0 be a happy family..I PR0MISE...nd pg ng away kme awatin m0 kme ha..bka msundan k kc agad e..lam n ni m0mmy ng aaway kc kme lageng my nangya2ri..lam n din ni m0mmy un..HAHAHAHA!!!! so pan0 baby,hnggng d2 nlng,pg0d n daddy kkpind0t ng keypad e..hahe...pkabait k jan sa lu0b ng tiyan h,wag phirapan c m0mmy..yaan m0 uuwe ak0 bag0 k lmabas,0k..? I L0VE Y0U b0th ni m0mmy...mmwahhh!!!

that letter is for our 1st baby REYNAN ANDREI and he is 3 YEAR OLD NOW.


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