I have so many thought about this issue, and this is the second time that I will post something about ABORTION.
 the first blog post was my first personal thought/experience here's the link: BLESSING IN DISGUISE!
my senses and my mind came alive in writing more thoughts about it when a follower asked a question "WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS ABOUT ABORTIONS" and there goes my answer at the top:
"it de-values life and dis-annuls the plan of God, Immoral and hideous thing to do" 

I'm not a doctor or I didn't have any professional training, I've been a medical student and didn't even finish my college, but you don't to be a professional or experience it to yourself before you react on this such hideous thing,  we are talking about LIFE, if you have conscience you'll be afraid to kill someone just like how you're scared of dying. and in this, little child who hasn't got a chance to see this beautiful world has been helplessly taken their life away from them.

I also have a blog that I'm not really fond in babies/children unless they're cute, 
here's the link : I LOVE/HATE BABIES???
but that doesn't mean i'm not pro-life and pro-God, spending 10 years in a catholic school isn't a reason too, maybe it contributed a lot too, but the thought itself that YOU,yourself wanted to live then why not let others live? I also believe in karma, Hinduism/Buddhism thing right? , nobody can tell what will strike those selfish people, like "eye for an eye" a Babylonian law code, or code of Hammurabi , I've learned about this when i was in 2nd year high-school, my favorite subject, social studies. so, an eye is for an eye, how about a life for a life? no one knows.. maybe 180 degree turn of happy life to miserable life or your own life or someone close to you, no one knows only God knows.

I put my full understanding on those people who are in that kind of crisis,
 maybe they don't have money,time or for them it's not time yet to have a baby, or the baby was rejected by their own father, the act of getting it aborted is a DEMONIC ACT, IT'S NOT LOVE, you. yourself doesn't love your baby, it is selfishness, I'VE BEEN THERE! I myself was so sinful that i had this THOUGHT (THINKING OF IT AS AN OPTION/EASY WAY OUT) of getting my first baby aborted, that itself is unhealthy to the baby cause it will affect the way he/she thinks and believe it or not, she can feel your sorrow,well, just read my first blog about it so you can understand. 

I'm not mad and I don't have the right to be mad, I just want to make people realize how valuable life is, and how i wanted to a change in that kind of mentality, criminal are really everywhere, we don't know if it's one of our friend, our mother, neighbors etc.etc.. and these pictures from the internet makes me more eager to make a move by writing it on my blog and if somebody's in doubt again about it, here are my thoughts.  

is that the easiest way of killing someone who has no use to you, or someone you see as a distraction of this so called future you will have, your career? reputation? this is a child right here, a human being, didn't gave them a chance to live, most of them are aborted and lived 6 hours after abortion and that's a fact, if killing is so easy as what they do with these children, then let me kill a bitch who has no use to me then. 

gruesome pictures of children who could have been one of God's most greatest creation, human being..


=I chose to be there for my baby even we don't have a clear road to walk through, I don't want to be an irresponsible girl,who's only there for pleasure, I have to be matured and put my whole trust to the only Man I know would never leave me, he's up there, GOD. and on that moment, all the darkness in me fade away, I saw the blessings that are just hiding behind those dark clouds. a blessing that is here with me forever, the greatest gift a man can receive, is a life from God his creation, my son, a HUMAN BEING.


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