I can go on a day without a facial wash, but with hormonal breakouts? my day is so incomplete without treating it, been using different brand like, l'oreal, nivea, st.ives, neutrogena, clean and clear, olay, celeteque,belo essentials, eskinol. garnier, and the longest was pond's. like I said on my other blog about it's same line tea tree skin clearing toner that I bought this out of curiosity. and now while I can't find pond's here and I use this product as a remedy for my breakouts, might wanna use this for a long time this time. 

CONS: like it's same line toner, it's also PRICEY for just a facial wash, also got it for $11, the tea tree smell is so strong. 

PROS: like it's toner, it also has this cooling sensation, and I like it makes you feel refreshed. good for everyday use. 

can't tell if I'm gonna recommend it or not, cause we all have different skin types, taste of smell, but you should give this a try, this is my second purchase to this product and i'll be sticking to it like forever.


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