I regularly use a toner before I purchased this one, like, eskinol, nivea, belo essentials, ponds.
it has this white powder insider and you have to "shake to activate" it.
I have a normal sometimes oily skin, and aside from washing my face one of my remedies for my oily skin is a toner, I saw this toner last year June 2011 in BODY SHOP PHILIPPINES, I bought it out of curiosity with it's same line facial wash. and now I bought one again here in Hawaii.

CONS: PRICEY for JUST A TONER, got it for $11, it's tea tree smell is so strong (my husband tried it and he didn't like the smell) you may feel like your skin is slightly burning while rubbing the cotton into your face.

PROS: it has a soothing cooling effect like menthol, leaving your skin feeling refresh, makes you feel your skin a bit tighter after use,pinkish skin finish good for oily skin, some people don't like brands that dries their skin, but I think it's one of the best way to get rid of those acne problems, your skin won't be dry that long cause once you sweat or after how many hours your skin will go back to normal. 

can't tell if I'm gonna recommend it or not, cause we all have different skin types, taste of smell, but you should give this a try, this is my second purchase to this product and i'll be sticking to it like forever.


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