My First letter to my second baby =))

tonight, I've been waiting for your daddy to arrive from work, I don't know if what time he's gonna get home but I'm still trying to be awake just in case I could kiss hug and kiss him as soon as he arrives =)) I always miss him, though we're in the same house,we sleep in one bed, eat together, live as one, married with 2 kids, you're one of them of course, I still can't get enough of him. okay enough about your dad, these following days, I felt you moved several times, I even put your dad's hand in my tummy and he will talk to you and say "baby, can you move one more for daddy please?" and still you didn't move, he just felt you once, are you afraid of daddy? or you are just shy to him? you know what? if you're a baby girl, daddy will be more sweeter to you than anybody else, though I know i'll get jealous of that,but I have nothing to do you're my daughter too, daddy is like that, he gets mad easily, you always hear him yell at me, to kuya Andrei or to anyone right? he is really like that but he is the sweetest, I know he'll treat you like a princess, and he's been wanting you since day one! the moment I got pregnant to your kuya Andrei he wants a baby girl that would look like me, but it's a boy and it's your kuya Andrei, and If ever you're a baby boy, mommy's the only queen in daddy's eyes cause I will be the only girl in our family, I know he will be proud of himself cause he produces a SON, only a man can produce a baby boy, it's like this, the chromosomes of a woman contains only X (girl) for a MAN it's XY (girl-boy)  in time you will know it. you and kuya Andrei will play together, and I will have 3 boys in my life, and I always tell to daddy that if he cheats on me, you and your kuya Andrei will protect me and both of you will punch your dad in the face or hunt him for doing such thing. (i hope that won't happen-the cheating part haha)

I've been wondering also if what d'you look like,whose nose will you get, will you get my small and chubby feet, your daddy's monstrous eyebrows just like kuya Andrei has, will you be as white as my complexion, I am really excited to see you baby, I know you'll be as pretty as me :p or handsome like daddy.


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