sooo many old wives' tales that I've already heard, even my own mom tells me something about it but she didn't gave me the assurance cause she herself doesn't believe in superstitions or tales that are just passed down she just said it to me. a cousin whom he claims that never in his life he had failed in giving right predictions. and yes, i was just 7 weeks pregnant and he told us that we are having a baby boy. it's like I wanna see him now to predict my 2nd baby's gender.

this is my recent picture:

my nose isn't that pointy but what my nose looks right now is like a half or twice bigger than usual, my nipples got it's darkest pigment as ever, I HATE IT,old people said that when a pregnant woman looks ugly, dark pigmentation all over her body, dark nipples, dark skin on neck ,armpit or wherever she is having a baby boy, and when she looks blooming as ever good skin she is having a girl, I admit that I myself proved it wrong, I started to be more conscious on myself when I was pregnant to my first baby, everybody was saying that it was a girl except my cousin who said it was a boy, I never go out without make up or looking my best, sexy maternity dresses, dress to impress to the highest level and all, and...I HAD A BABY BOY =) didn't know it until it's 7 month inside my tummy for it was a 3D/4D ultrasound,it's better when it is done by that age of the fetus so you can see it's face fully.

I found this OLD WIVES' TALE QUIZ online =) tried it for fun.

first 5 questions and this is the result =)
the next set of questions:

all people say that they wish this next baby would be a girl cause we already have a boy, as a woman I would love to have a baby girl too, and he/she's gonna be our last child so it would be so nice if we have a boy and a girl, my husband's opinion is that whatever God would give to us as long as the baby's healthy and normal. I remember him saying to me when i was still pregnant to our first baby that he would like to have a baby girl, and of course would look like me, and I wanted to have a baby boy that would look like him, and I won =) we had a baby boy that looks like his daddy and his mommy sometimes. I can see it in his eyes and the way he speaks that he still wants to have a baby girl, I pray to God that he would listen to my husband this time  in some circumstance my decisions are firm that this would be our last baby, I heard him say to his coworkers' baby girl "the baby girl is soo cute" many times I saw him viewing other baby girl pictures and look at it in admiration. 

enough about gender tales and stories, all I can say is that though I feel this one issues in pregnancy which is "insecurity" I know I can manage myself to be more comfortable when my baby bump came in, it's not showing yet and like I said i just look fat and I don't like that,one of the reason's I became insecure, so thankful also to my husband who always makes me feel sexy at all times, though i always told him that I don't believe him and he's just saying that cause I'm getting fat it's somehow effective :p 

when I was not pregnant I told to myself that I miss the feeling of being pregnant, that baby bump you embrace all the time, the kicks and movements that are sometimes painful but fulfilling cause you know it's responding and active. I will embrace this one of the most unforgettable moment in my life, last baby or not I know this is gonna be a different story to tell, just like my favorite quotations said "life is not about material things,it's about moments."

=because of some insurance conflicts/requirements, I have to wait until march to have my first ultrasound.


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