Ono Yo Hawaii (frozen yogurt)

layers of heaven


whenever my son and I get our 2 mile daily walk, I always walk onto this Ono Yo frozen yogurt truck, my son asked me to buy him ice cream and that gave me a chance to try it.

I bought layers of heaven for me that costs $6.00 and s'mores for my son which costs $5.00, much more expensive cause it's Ono creations which is prices are based on it's 3 toppings, $0.50 per toppings on regular order, he didn't like it cause of  the yogurt's sourness,but he ate the toppings, and after that, I became so addictive to it and bought again yesterday with my husband, I ordered him almond joy flavor which is his favorite chocolate.

at least I found another reason to enjoy taking a walk on a Hawaiian hot and windy weather.


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