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I've heard lot of good stories, I've read many heartwarming stories from the magazines, books etc, I've seen plenty of inspiring movies, quotes and advises that could bring you positiveness, techniques on how to deal with your problems, carry them with a plastic smile,go on with your life and do what makes you happy etc. etc.

BUT, however you put your full focus on something that inspires you, you still get lost, there's only one thing that I'm sure that at some point in my life I forgot to call and became my last option but STILL AND ALWAYS SUPER EFFECTIVE TO GET YOUR PEACE OF MIND AND POSITIVENESS. THROUGH GOD. I'ts a shame really that I forgot to call on him when for him I'm important, that I just call him when I really needed him. He never fail to give me miracles, He gave my son his second life, and a beautiful life with the people I love.

when I was 9 year old, 3rd grader, before I go inside our school, I spent a lot of time inside the chapel, praying the rosary and if the times getting late I just pray and whisper my wishes, yes it did came true! =) after that, I committed this deadly sin called sloth (laziness) a big shame again. i came back from praying the rosary every Wednesday when i was pregnant to my 1st son, then stopped, then came back again praying every Sunday sometime year 2011 and now 2012, I can't promise to do it but as far as what I am doing, everyday i find time even when walking, that's how i believe in prayers.

when in doubt just PRAY, you feel sad/lonely just PRAY, you need focus or peace of mind just PRAY, listen to HIM, he's been waiting for you to come home to him, put all your TRUST IN HIM, he is always in TIMING, he won't give you what you don't deserve. 


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