didn't know what you look like when you came into this world,
but I know who could tell me the whole story, with lo and behold.
as you celebrate your born day you must never forget,
your mom sacrifices her life for you with no regrets.

hardheaded, impatient, sensitive man,
protecting everyone just like superman,
but we all know you are just human,
but that doesn't mean you can get every-woman.

life is so unfair, and good things come to an end,
but having you born have someone call a friend,
good soul with clear intentions,
speaks through your heart with no pretensions.

I know God will give you what you deserve,
be patient,you already have more just observe,
I love you with all my might,
I only want you to be happy and be alright.

if only i could give you all the things you want in life,
like a genie with just a jiffy i'll give it to you with no strife
but my love for you is all I have ,
the rest of my lifetime is what I can give.


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