MVP to Gina Lopez: "Now you're lying!"

GINA LOPEZ: "..but when u make a statement that all the areas where there's gonna be mining are ugly anyway,that's the point"
MVP: "do not say that NOW YOUR LYING!"

found this on twitter:
his plagiarist-ed speech brought up :p  

I remember myself writing my signature for this "NO TO MINING IN PALAWAN" that's all I know i can contribute or at least I hope it did. this nature is what all we have now, if it's ugly let's make it beautiful or bring it back to it's form and not to mine within it cause it's UGLY ANYWAY.

to tell you the truth, I'm a nature lover, I'm so afraid of this starting global warming effects,the melting ice from the arctic, the flood, the rising heat AND THAT'S THE END OF THE WORLD! YES WE DID THAT =( I guess we really need to find another planet to live and start a new life. as if there is. or there's really no way of stopping it or at least make the earth recover. if you don't know the connection of mining and global warming other than it both destroys our earth, BETTER KNOW THE FACTS.


  1. Thanks for sharing this post! I was actually watching something on tv earlier about Global Warming and how Tobacco and Oil industries are contributing to it. The fact that many people don't pay attention or care to do anything about it saddens me especially because, yes nature is being affected. Scientists have said that in the next few decades the rising of temperatures will cause the sea levels to rise due to all of these contributing factors including what you just mentioned in regards to mining. I currently live in Texas where all these Oil companies are and can not stand the heat and humidity here! I miss seeing nature (being a California girl and all) and smoking nature, LOL ;P. At least it's not tobacco! Lucky you get to be near the beaches! Hehehe... Anyways, thanks for sharing again!


  2. oh, it's a pleasure sharing things like this, it's very alarming,those heat and humidity you're saying scares me, I can feel the heat from here, haha, well, yeah some people here say it's boring here cause all they see is beaches and trees, but for me it's heaven. I just noticed, why does cali girls have nice skin? not too fair nor dark and glowing, there must be some secret in the cali air, hihi, we wanna visit cali just don't know when, too many relatives there.

    thanks for your time reading this. =)

    1. Yea, the heat and humidity is ridiculous here especially when it starts to effect your skin and hair ugh! Too much to maintain, but in Cali it's so much more relaxed. Haha yea, Cali has cleaner air since there aren't many huge manufacturing companies there and it's all surrounded by nature and salt water. You should definitely visit! Especially Disneyland! I miss that place! I feel like I appreciate it much more now than I did when I was a youngin'. ;)

      Anyhow, thanks for sharing again! XoXo


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