have you ever feel that love so strong?
once you felt it you can't go wrong,
found a clouds silver lining,
God has gave you the perfect timing.

I've never believe in love at first sight,
but I know something is not right
being brave is not enough,
when in front of you is a man so tough.

his eyes sparkling and face is glowing,
personality that was so admiring,
I just can't resist to look at him,
I have no list but he is the prim.

tall dark,dark and handsome,
thinking about him oh so glee-some,
didn't know where this would lead,
but I wish he won't misread.

remembering all those times,
didn't expect to feel it for a lifetime,
that guy I've been dreaming to be mine,
yes,it came true,our  hearts intertwined.

Iwant him to be with me forever,
God forgive me, I am not that clever,
we are meant for each other,
we want to be in this existence together.


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