"WHY DID YOU MARRY YOUR HUSBAND?"

FEB. 28, 2012 (TUESDAY) AROUND 2PM - we are on the process of getting our green cards, and to make it happen we have to go through this initial interview, I checked it on online forums of what kind of questions they would ask, some are just a simple questions like "what's the first thing you told to your husband this morning" "what's the brand of your toothpaste" sounds stupid? nope, it's one of their way on finding out if you and your husband are living together and you didn't have a fix marriage.

we are both so confident that we really have nothing to hide, we already have a son and a baby on the way, and those we're just common questions,until we're interviewed.

that was the hardest question I've ever encountered in my whole life, it's simple, you have so MANY ANSWERS but on that moment? I felt my ears got hot my checks blush my eyes are closing, so embarrassing that that so simple question that I have so many answers didn't came out that moment, the only thing that came into my mind  is that, I don't actually have a REASON why I married him, what if those reasons are wrong or have changed through years, is that a way to actually have a regret why i married him? it's like I don't have reason's why I loved him, I JUST LOVE HIM!.of course first impressions or qualities who you like about someone are there but, when you in the middle of this question and answer thing where telling the truth about your relationship been a hard thing to do.

these where my answers:
ME: he's my first boyfriend,first kiss, first everything
INTRVWR: what have you saw in him that makes you think you wanna marry him?
ME: i wanna be his wife (yeah stupid answer :p)
INTRVWR: yes, WHY?, why you wanna be his wife?

INTRVWR: mr. de leon why did you marry your wife?
HIM:  I love her (copying me, lol)
HIM: she's my first gf too actually (copied me again :p)
INTRVWR: what have you seen in her that makes you wanna marry her?
HIM: (HE JUST GAVE THE LADY A VERY CONFUSED LOOK,his patience and temper is very short than mine,he's gonna blow up :p)
INTRVWR: qualities that you've seen in her
HIM: oh, qualities, she's smart,she always studies,stay home then go to school.
INTRVWR: what else?
HIM: to get over it. (TO GET OVER WHAT? DAFUQ?!)  >:o

and then the lady let us go, we are fighting on our way out, arguing that I should have said this,or that, that I got that answer wrong, we are both got nervous on the spot. I told him that, WE BOTH DIDN'T KNOW THE ANSWER.
I have so many answers inside of me, that day was not OUR DAY, i'm so mad at him for so many days before that day, and I couldn't really think of the answers when the person we are talking about is the whom you married and makes you sad right now. "I EVEN ASKED MYSELF, WHY ON EARTH DID I MARRY THIS MAN?"
that is why I came up to go back what I really love about my man.


  1. he's the only man who is BRAVE enough to enter our house (I'm not allowed to have a bf that time)
  2. my first EVERYTHING! kiss,date, hug, long time bf, official boyfriend, etc.
  3. he's tall (around 5'8), dark (super plus! I don't like guys who are lighter than me), HANDSOME OF COURSE!
  4. very manly, the way he walks  like a Calvin Klein model and talk his aura and all
  5. protective
  6. obsessed with me
  7. even got my name tattooed on his hands when we we're just 17 years old, and now on the side of his torso (ribs) bigger tattoo (CHERRY ANE written on it)
  8. VERY RESPONSIBLE (we were so young of having a child but he did his best to be there for me)
  9. GOOD PROVIDER we are not rich, but at least he can give everything our son needed or me. (even paid for my one sem college tuition)
  10. his BAD BOY ATTITUDE make me feel more protected
  11. he always makes me feel that I'm sexy and beautiful even on my worse days
  12. his sincerity when he told me that he loves me or still loves me on our hard times like we had a fight or after a break up.
  13. he's a keeper =)
  14. he's been a player though that's one of the reason why we had those rocky road, w/o him being a player once, I would never realize that I love him so much, that I want him to be mine only.
  15. we do EVERYTHING together, smoke, drink, get HIGH.
  16. we're best-friends, we share secrets, problems and all.
  17. he's a very funny guy, he doesn't get my jokes most of the time, he has a low sense of humor but sometimes, having a low sense of humor is funny itself :p
  18. we can laugh without any reason
  19. we don't need a grandiose dinner or luxurious things to make us happy, just cuddling and staying over with each other is enough for us
  20. we don't forget to say "I LOVE YOU EACH DAY"
  21. COOL
  22. his dreams about our family (where he wants us to go, our car, kind of house, places we want to visit, dreams for our kids.)
  24. how he tries to be sweet
  25. how he tries to be thoughtful that he is so manly that I couldn't imagine him being that kind.
I think I'm on the end right now, though there's still more to like about him, I'll just write it here as soon as I remember. marriage or loving someone is journey of a lifetime, you will ADJUST forever,you will discover things you didn't know about them even after years of dating and marriage, everything changes, except for your TRUE LOVE, as time goes by your values may differ, the old him will never be the same again, challenges and problems may destroy your trust in him/her, and you will never look at him/her the same way again. just remember all the things you used to love about him,cause all the changes that will come along your way or through his qualities, appearances, beliefs and all, being a husband/wife has a big influence of that persons changes, you are ONE now. 


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