I went to the church again
didn't able to bring my son Andrei cause he's still asleep at that 7:30am mass
Easter egg hunt at the church after the mass at St.Roch catholic church in kahuku,hawaii

then I woke him up at 9am for him to experience his first egg hunting ever at kahuku district park
with our kid neighbor makamai

0-2 year old's first turn to find the eggs 

Easter bunny came

he got scared at the lady that was shouting "fall inline! fall in line!"

don't wanna miss the pic with this bunny
yea,we got nothing
at 11: 45am we went at turtle bay resort for another Easter egg hunt
this time with tita bebeng
don't wanna let the Easter Sunday pass w/o getting him his Easter eggs
yey! finally! we got Easter eggs,we didn't got the golden egg but it's okay,it's a fun experience for the kids though.


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