the dentist said that it wasn't my fault that his teeth got rotten, she said that it grew so close together that it was so impossible for me to clean it,overall, he has a nice and healthy teeth except with those two,the dentist put just 1 cap for 2 teeth already cause it's too close to each other and it could only make a space of a tooth,dental caps or dental crowns are used for restoration. we gave him a medicine and w/o an hour he fell asleep because of that
Chloral Hydrate. A sedative hypnotic. Makes you sleepy.

when we got inside the clinic,they immediately called us and put Andrei on the chair (laying position) put 3 harness around his body so that when he woke up,he will not move or panic, I asked them if I could stay but they said that they prefer the parents to just wait outside, and the procedure would only last for just 20-30 minutes.

after 20 minutes they called me and it's done, Andrei's awake and the dentist said that he was sleeping most of the time, inside the car, he said "Mommy,I fell down at tita cel's bed!" my husband and I laugh so hard on how he was acting so weird. we will go back after 6 months they would send us a mail on when. I hope the crown will not fall for that whole 6 months or more so we won't have to go back and put the cap back again. 

I gave him a mirror at home and he was so happy he said "like aton and Big Andrei's teeth!" his 2 uncle's with so many caps on their teeth too.

thank you to his beautiful Dentist,
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Phone: (808) 488-0100


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