went home by 9pm from aunt's house and an involuntary small amount of pee came out and i knew some moments are along the way those hours..at around 12am my tummy started to feel like having a slight dysmennorhea and i just observed until 3 in the morning that it may just be diarrhea but it's not, so i started to get shower prepared my things while my son and husband was sleeping..then i woke them up at 4:30am and told him to bring me to the hospital.
will try having a normal delivery after having a C section 3 and a half years ago.

first hours on the hospital

my highest contraction in my conscious mind is 190+
they told me not to ask for epidural cause it's very painful and it has so many side effects like backpains in the future or so..but I can't bare the pain any longer for those 13 hours. 1pm i asked for an epidural,it's not that painful compare to what I feel on labouring. 13hours of labor w/o epidural plus 5 hours with it.= 18hours

at 6 pm I dilated by 9cm and starting to push that took for 1 hour, they put a large mirror in front of me and I can see the improvement I make every single push specially when I saw her hair, it really does inspire me to see her already and push some more.

7:16pm 20 1/4 inches in length 8.4 pounds healthy baby girl!!!=)) 
40weeks and 4 days

heaven on earth

daddy's little princess

my baby CYRHENEA derived from my name CHERRY ANE

worth the wait and the pain



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