My 2nd BIRCHBOX!!!

Been always excited on receiving my box,even though I get it for like a month or 3 weeks (maybe because I live in hawaii) I still check it everyday hoping I would get it sooner.

Sure you get more than what you pay for,for a $10 monthly subscription,it's totally worth the wait and you really get some good high end stuff. 

COOLA - tinted matte spf 30 for face
Who doesn't love blurring imperfections while having some sun protection at the same time? 
It's really creamy and its fragrance free or I just can't smell it. if you're looking for something to hide your imperfections,this is not the one,it's not buildable. Well,what do you expect,it's a tinted SPF not foundation or concealer nor bb cream. 

It's perfect when you just wanna go outside without wearing heavy make up.

Yu-Be' - moisturizing skin cream
For lips and skin though I don't like the smell cause it smells like medicine,the smell doesn't stay too long and the moisturizer itself is not sticky cause the skin absorbs it right away which is I really love.

SUMITA  - color contrast eyeliner in JAIPUR GOLD(olive)  
A BIRCHBOX exclusive

ESSENTIEL ELEMENTS -Wake up Rosemary body gel 

This one smells like mint to me and maybe just a little hint of Rosemary, and I'm not a fan of mint unless it's a gum or a toothpaste. (Reminds me of how I hate mint and chocolate together! Grrrr!) 
and the douche word reminds me of my husband. 

DAVINES- replumping shampoo and conditioner. (If only I can put it on my lips,lol)  

DAVINES- replumping hair filler superactive

I've been thinking that my hair is so thin but it looks like I'm Simba from the lion king all the time,brushed or not,what I've been trying to do is to tame this hair so that I won't look like I've been electrocuted. Hair filler or hair plumping serums are for volume,obviously I don't need anymore volumes,I have a lot of that if only I could give some away that would be perfect. Lol

They also sent a $10 gift to spend from GAP too,but my box came today,Jan.3,2015 and the gift got expired in Dec.31,2014. I hope I could get my next box sooner than 3 or 4 weeks so I could use some of those bonus promos.  


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