We decided to celebrate our first skydiving experience on our 9th year anniversary of being together and 3rd year wedding anniversary.

              always SAFETY FIRST! 

We had our appointment scheduled online,trust me it's discounted though it's still pricey,but you can't say no to a first time or maybe once in a lifetime experience. 

This is us before we get inside our plane.
They keep on giving us high fives which I really love! Making us feel safer and to just have fun.

My husbands the first one to jump and I was shocked! 
Did they just flipped? 
My master tandem Brett kept on asking if I am nervous,I told him "no,I'm excited!" And I can't take my smile away from my ace cause I really am was excited. 
And when my turn came,I was thrilled,excited,amazed and felt a little nervous.

There I felt the hard wind. THIS IS IT!!!
On HERE! I yelled my loudest AAAAHHHHHH!!!! In my whole life!!! 
And then we JUMPED! 
It was so cold up there and the wind was like slapping your whole body.
It was so frickin' high!!! Like there's no ending! 
My favorite photo up above photo credits to Derek (skydiver/photographer from skydive Hawaii)
Up there while falling,I just realized what I did to my husband,I am praying that when I get down there we're still husband and wife,that he won't get mad at me for convincing him to jump,IT WAS SO EXTREME!!! 
We've been flying up around the waialua,and from up there you can say "oohhh maahhh gaaahhddd!!!" It's a very beautiful view. 
The landing finally,I hope we can make it down there.
Ready to land! 
Here we are!!!
And YES! We landed safely! No bruises or anything! I guess I'm that good in listening and following
And another high five from DEREK!!! 
Walking towards my husband.i wanna know how he did. =p
He seems fine! Hahhaaha 
Our picture together after jump! YES WE MADE IT!!! 
My obligatory picture with my master tandem Brett! Thank you for keeping me alive!!! 

It was a very fun experience,I recommend you guys to try it specially to those who are seeking adventure,adrenaline rush or do something you don't wanna forget for the rest of your lives. For people who wants to see the beauty of the island of Oahu,Go skydiving! And see it right before your eyes! 

They are located at :
68-760 Farrington hwy. Waialua,Hawaii 
Or visit their website at:


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