first time i heard about PURIUM was when my boss and his wife started to use this cause my boss needed to loose weight for his operation. he is 6 ft. + tall and 200 plus lbs.

he loose 20 lbs in that 10 days!.

one of my coworkers was on it too,and i asked her if she could get me one too.

we went to her friend who sells it,take pictures (for our before and afters/motivation),weigh ourselves and measured the arms,waist,hips and thighs.

i know I'm not gonna be able to loose like 10-20 lbs like what happened to them cause they're bigger than me,like what my coworker said "you're too small,you have nothing to loose!" cause honestly I gained 27 lbs after i got pregnant and after all the weight lifting and rigorous workouts it seems like its gonna take a long time before I get to my shape before.

I followed all the instructions,but I did something that ruined and sabotage the whole THING, I ate rice with pork in the morning and rice and grilled chicken that night. arrrgghhhh!!!!

though I know I will only loose water weight, I needed to do crash dieting cause I have a wedding to attend and its like a family reunion, I was 100 lbs when they last saw me,i don't wanna hear the "OMG!you got fat!" yeah! rub it in my damn face!

 -after 10 days it did worked! I magically fit on the dress I ordered online, and the sad thing is I don't have an after picture😟 cause I ate everything I could get my hands into when we where in the philippines for vacation (i.e fishball,kikiam,kabab,halo-halo,taho,pandesal,tokwa,and lots and lots of rice🤣) it feels like it's gonna be a long time before I eat those food again so I ate like it's my last day on earth. so I magically came back to the weight I was before purium. 

-no one can really help us to lose weight, only ourselves, don't lose focus and motivation.


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