unicorn hype is everywhere, from soap, bath bombs, hair color, foods like cake, ice-cream, bagels donuts and so much more. 
let's be honest even if there's no point to that, I, too find the colors fascinating and addicting to watch. Starbucks recently just launched this Unicorn Frappuccino ,after work I went straight to starbucks to see what the hype is all about.
I asked the cashier before buying it on what it tastes like?, she said "if you like skittles you will love this!" (I hate skittles! 🤢) I bought it anyway even if my coworker warned me that it's disgusting, I don't believe on anything until I experienced it myself, and it looks so good so I bought it along with my own favorite starbucks coffee in case they were right.
I took a sip,and it's sweet, its really not that bad. I gave it to my kids, my daughter was so happy seeing pink and purple on a drink, my son said he don't like it, then I had another sip and it's now sour. It's like a mixture of sweet and sour candy. 

it's like a mistake that you don't wanna do it twice. My daughter loves it. My son and I don't. 🤦🏻‍♀️ share us your thoughts and experiences about this drink!


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